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I choose .ink because it really is self evident that websites on this TLD are going to be related to creativity, and that is what I wanted to say with my domain. I made the switch primarily because my previous name did not say anything about me, and didn't suit me.

- Sam Schooler, sam.ink



Rigid.ink provides 3D-printing filaments out of Wetherby, UK. As a relatively new company, Rigid.ink chose to focus on two tenets: providing a high-quality product packaged in exceptional customer service. Almost every review on the site mentions the superb support they received throughout their purchase and how well the product performs. Rigid.ink created a .ink site in late 2014. By adopting .ink, the company was able to secure a memorable 5-letter domain that was congruent with their brand. “Try doing that with a .com,” said CEO and founder, Ed Tyson.

“It was clear from the start that the .ink domain would give us the chance to strongly tie our brand in with our domain and logo. Once we knew that .ink was available, the traditional domains didn't stand a chance…”


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